So it’s a new year: Bah! Humbug!

(Also there will be changes to the site in 2017)


Picking up from the title, did I reference that exclamation to the wrong holiday? I don’t think so. I love Christmas. Having spent the greater part of my preteen and adolescence amongst colorful baubles and fairy lights in red, green and white all through December, accentuated by the great American television bonanza surrounding the spirit of giving, Oh Christmas Tree and Santa Claus, it’s hard not to pick up on the excitement. Although the same decorations and entertainments stayed up until New Year Day, I have never actually been lured in by New Year’s Eve revelry. So what is all this hype about? 

Is it because it’s seen as an opportunity to welcome improvements? A time for “great resolutions”? To me, if you wish to make a change in your life, you should be able to press the start/restart button any time of the year. For example, I decided last year that I have had enough of making a sumptuous salary being the top-boss for the Marketing Department in a hotel property under a global brand and rejected my spangled career and relative corporate fame to pursue my dream to become a novelist. In September. I’ve since been making great progress in my writing, whereas most people fail to meet their new year’s resolutions by the end of said year.

Is it to celebrate our achievements? Personally, I think the only people who have an evident reason to celebrate are those who have managed to accomplish set resolutions or some other goals. For example, a person who finally managed to complete her first full-length novel [ok, one chapter shy of a complete novel]. A better example would be organizations after having fulfilled all their annual targets. Employees in banks and other financial institutes definitely deserve a reward after getting through the YOY audit closing – the stress would grow a beard on a woman like me! Some people may claim managing to get through the year itself deserves congratulations. But, I mean, c’mon. Really? Unless it’s 2016, of course. As Helen Mirren put it, “…we can all agree that 2016 has been a big pile of shit!” But, then again, are we sure 2017 will be any better? But if it’s not the end of 2016 and you have not accomplished any of your goals, why not just sit in the dark at home and reflect on why you fell short of the mark? God, that’s morose; turn on the lights then.

Is it the fireworks? Unless you don’t have access to watching the fireworks. In which case, it’s just any other night. Stay near a television and you might catch some great spectacular light shows on a mini scale.

Is it for the drunken carousing? This is probably the most accurate reason for most people. People only need a reason to party and drink. To highlight, to forget, to just have a good time, to think they are having a good time. And when the whole world is in on it, why the hell not?! So there we have it, folks. A worldwide sanction on getting drunk and entertaining yourself stupid, hour-on-hour across the globe. Who would miss a chance to have a piece of that action, right? Me.

By now, you are probably thinking I must be one of those sorry cases with no friends and no invitation to a party on New Year’s Eve. It’s true I made only a handful lifetime friends until my coming of age but that’s what happens when your father is in the service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and you have had to move to a new country every few years most of your life. A great number of my dearest friends are scattered around the globe so it’s a little difficult to party-hardy with them but when we do meet once every half-a-decade, we have a blast, new year or no new year. Since my dad retired and we settled down in our home nation, I did pick up a few local pals. I’m also a bit happening in the local hotel industry, if I do say so myself. And invitations each year are aplenty but I do what I have always done on New Year’s Eve – have a fancy birthday dinner for my mom with the family. As I’m the self-designated organizer of all family celebrations, I am pretty busy with preparations and threat calls to invitees to attend all day 31 December. So there you have it. My New Year’s Eve in a nutshell. Except in 2011, when I had to stay back at work, being one of the event coordinators for the hotel I was working in that year.

But now that I have rattled on to my heart’s content on a subject I have little personal attachment to, I think I should start discussing the topic more relevant to my blog site. THE UPCOMING CHANGES:

[Disclaimer: The following changes are not part of any new year’s resolution. The turn of the year just happened to coincide with the completion of writing my first novel, which I have been uploading chapter-by-chapter on this site. So I wanted to do something new and this is it. And I’m also not employed by a corporation anymore so have a lot of time to expand and hone my writing.]

There will be two regular posts each week and, to make my goal attainable, I have decided on very practical themes. The first will be a weekly review on a book I have read or a movie/TV show I have seen, or an interesting blog/article I have stumbled upon recently. These will be posted every Wednesday with the title preceded by “## WEDNESDAY REFLECTIONS” and classified under the “Works of Others” category on my site. And, of course, the theme will remain true to romance/female protagonist, as per my site. The second weekly column will be rambles and rants on my writing experiences, a journal of sort. They will include discussions about what has worked for me as a writer (not tips exactly but close), all things I can blame my procrastinations on, as well as snippets on the progress of my future manuscripts (which I will not be publishing here for free anymore). This column will appear every Sunday with the reference “## WRITING CHRONICLES”, placed under “The Unclassified Section” category, and I welcome a lot of comments from readers since the nature of this column will be to help me and writers like me. And since this particular post is a step forward in my journey as a writer, consider this as my first WRITING CHRONICLES entry, though left unnumbered. I hope you guys will enjoy the additions.

I will also start reblogging posts by other writers that I find useful and adds value to my blog. And sometimes, they will also be reblogged under WEDNESDAY REFLECTIONS or WRITING CHRONICLES. No, I’m not already planning a cheat sheet for my weekly column commitments because any reblogs posted here will also receive a hefty write up from me in the comment section on why the post was selected for reblogging.

So while plans on how to add lots of new materials to my “Works of Others” and “The Unclassified Section” categories on this blog is all set, what about the “My Fictions” category? Well, I will continue to add stories from time to time but they will be shorter and not full-fledged novels. I can’t afford to write novels for free anymore, remember? I gave up my job to work on manuscripts I can sell. Also, when I add snippets on the manuscript I’m working on to my WRITING CHRONICLES, I’ll categorize it under “My Fictions” as well.

Among other changes, I will also be sprucing up the site a bit so that it better profiles my blog contents. Lots to do so wish me luck, readers! And… what the heck, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! But happy every day too, even when the year gets old.

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