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Jennifer Crusie forever altered the definition of “lush” for me. She used the word 08 times (only two of which was while describing the landscape), in her novel Welcome to Temptation. I still love using the word when trying to describe a healthy foliage but, now, when I see or hear “lush”, I first think of Sophie Dempsey (the heroine of the novel) and second Clea Whipple (a heroine within the novel). It is a word that evoked lust as well as envy and the best part is that it encourages readers to accept that whether you aim to be sexy, are sexy by chance, or are ignorant of your sexiness, there is no one type. Crusie’s use of body image in this book is refreshing and liberating. The novel itself is exhilarating.

112008You can read the synopsis of the novel if you follow the link provided above on the book title, in case you haven’t read it yet. I recommend men, women, romance/chick-lit fans, romance/chick-lit non-readers, to all read it. Like really. Read it.

Meanwhile, here are some excerpts to demonstrate the way Crusie used the word in the book: 

While describing Sophie:

‘Phin sat in the passenger seat of the squad car and considered running the Dempsey sisters out of town on a rail. He had no legal grounds, of course, but it was his job to ensure the peace, and he had a feeling that getting rid of the Dempseys would be a good start, even if it was only for his peace. There was something wrong there.

Besides the brunette’s lush, red, swollen lip.

He shook his head to get rid of the image and Wes said, “What?”

“The brunette. She bothers me. Why is she so tense?”

“That’s not why she bothers you.”

Phin ignored him. “The way she twisted her rings, I thought her fingers were going to fall off. And then she turned on the charm. She’d have had me, too, if she hadn’t been so abrupt about it.”

“She had you anyway,” Wes said.’

~ Chapter 02

‘She was drunk, he realized; not obnoxious drunk like Georgia, but still too drunk for him to move on. He didn’t mind seducing women whom drink had made cheerful, but he drew the line at those whom drink had made stupid.

Amy leaned forward. “You can’t drink worth a damn, Soph. You ready to go?”

“I can walk it.” Sophie nudged Georgia with her hip. “It’s not that far.”

“Honey, it’s dark out there,” Georgia protested, but she moved out of the booth.

“I have Mace,” Sophie told her as she slid across the seat. “And I’m not afraid to use it.”

“Tell you what.” Phin slid right behind her, chasing her heat. “I’ll take you home.”

“You sure?” Amy said. “I’m almost done here.”

Phin smiled at Amy. “No problem. If you’ll take Wes home when you’re ready to go, I can drop Sophie off.”

Amy nodded, and Phin steered Sophie to the door. “Give me the Mace,” he said. “I don’t want any accidents.”

“Wimp.” She walked away from him toward the door, and she looked as lush from behind as she did from the front.

I am a civilized man, he told himself as he followed her out the door.  I am not going to touch that inebriated woman.

At least, not tonight.

~ Chapter 04

While describing Clea:

‘Sophie looked around the dusty, barren yard. Nope, the porch was about it. “Great place to film. Yeah, we can trust Clea. I smell trouble.”

Amy sniffed the air. “That’s dead fish. Must be the river.”

She opened her car door as the screen door banged, and Clea Whipple came out onto her porch, her lush body straining at her bright blue sundress, her white-blonde hair almost incandescent in the sun. She shaded her cameo-perfect face with her hand and called, “You’re late.”

“And hello to you, too,” Sophie said, and got out of the car to unload their supplies, starting with their cooler. It was full of Dempsey life essentials – lemonade and Dove Bars – and she was in need of immediate essential comfort.

Amy went toward the house with the camera. “Isn’t this going to be wonderful?”

Sophie looked at Clea, the most self-absorbed woman in the universe, staring blankly back at her from the derelict front porch. “Oh, yeah,” she said as she hauled the cooler out of the car.

Nothing but good times ahead.’

~ Chapter 01

I think it’s time to read this one again. And I already feel the book-food prompt coming on.

Cherries and Dove Bars…

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  1. #1 by Sascha Darlington on February 11, 2017 - 2:51 am

    Ah, Crusie is my ultimate favorite writer of romantic comedy. I just wish that she would start writing/getting published again. There is no one on the market like her.

    • #2 by lupa08 on February 11, 2017 - 3:04 am

      There really isn’t… I’ve been dying to find out what will happen to Nadine ever since I read Faking It. Turns out, it’s Ethan’s story that is in progress, and that too with a cross-over with Alice from Maybe This Time. But according to her website, it’s only in discovery draft stage. It’s really good though. I wish I hadn’t read it though because Crusie has moved onto drafting another novel already so I might expire before she gets to finish Haunting Alice. 😞 I have accepted my fate because if she’s not inspired, we can’t push her. I suppose I can always look forward to haunting her in the afterlife 😈

  2. #3 by on February 21, 2017 - 1:28 pm

    Zakładając bloga niektórzy mają przed sobą myśl o zarobku, inni chcą się przede wszystkim dzielić swoją pasją.

    • #4 by lupa08 on February 21, 2017 - 2:25 pm

      Hey! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      If Google has translated this correctly (Polish?) … I started the blog to make sure I write at least one complete novel, which I have done, all chapters posted here. I now continue this blog to habitually write daily, keep a journal of my writing process and progress, and to review other cultural intakes. It’s going well and I am enjoying it. Who knows, this blog might evolve into a source earning one day too… 😊

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