Birth (03 min read)

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Smack! Cry! All clear!

Though now seldom practiced, I have always been fascinated by how the earliest of midwives and doctors stimulated the newborn this way to ensure their lungs are clear of amniotic fluid from the mother’s womb and is able to function properly to make space for that first breath. I love how the experts “made do” in the absence of the advanced technology available today that safely suctions the secretion away. It was widely practiced even before science was “science”. Born from a natural realization that the first breath is linked to that first cry. The miracle of human intelligence. 


Image: Pixabay

I think of how awe inspiring it is that doctors today perform hearing screens to check for possible hearing loss in the baby. I feel grateful that scientists have made the effort to come up with such wide range of sound tests that not only ensure that the baby can hear but also that all parts of the baby’s ears are functioning and that baby’s brain is able to respond adequately to sounds. Mankind has made leaps and bounds; now it’s humanity’s turn to ensure that the technology and expertise are shared throughout mankind.

But there is another moment of miracle that we can associate with sound – that of when the newborn is brought to the parent for the first contact. Even before the hearing screen, even before confirmation from the doctor, perhaps a parent may endeavor to whisper promises in the newborn’s ears. In faith that all will be alright.

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