Welcome to the Jungle (02 min read)

Via: Daily Prompt – Squat


Image: Zaireen Lupa

That moment when you hear the front door open and then the clamorous laughter of that nosy aunt who’s always trying to get you married off to someone from her endless list of prized bachelors drifts your way. You crouch low with ears trained, wondering if your mother will reveal that you’re home – wondering if jumping off the balcony would be too drastic a measure of escape.

Oh no! Your mother has indeed disclosed your whereabout. As you hear the enemy approach, you realize that there’s no second route from your room to the nearest exit of the house. So you run to your brother’s empty room and wait. Hopefully, they won’t think to look for you here… 

Sigh… Yeah, the ploy worked. They seem to have given up the search and are going back to the living room. Soon as the opportunity arrives, you will sneak out to wherever that is far from here.

I hear you judging me. For shame, you are thinking. But I know you have been in my place at some point in your life. You know very well that it takes only one very adamantly interfering relative to steal the courage of the most lionhearted among us.

Admit it. It’s a jungle out there.



Image: Pixabay



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