Welcome to Phenomenal Demonstrative!

Why Phenomenal Demonstrative, you may ask. The origin of the name was pretty simple, really. I took the first word from the name of my favorite poem (Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou) and the last word from the name of my second favorite poem (First Person Demonstrative by Phyllis Gotlieb) and voilà! However, this is not to say that I am an avid poetry lover or that I can write poems – or that this is a site where I will callously accost unwitting visitors with any personal attempt at writing poetries. If anything, by opening this site, I hope to callously accost unwitting visitors with my personal attempt at writing prose.

It turned out that the term Phenomenal Demonstrative is not so simple. In fact, I doubt I even properly understand it. And therefore, I’ll do everyone a favor by not trying to explain it. There are numerous ramblings about the term by philosophers on the Internet and you all are most welcome to look it up. And if anyone can define it for me in layman’s, please leave a comment.

There are three major sections to this site: My FictionsThe Unclassified Sectionand Works of Others. The Unclassified Section comprises of snatches of the eternal ramblings of my restless mind. In other words, in this section, I recount musings that may have popped into my head during my average day that I felt deserved a voice – or at least an inscription. Works of Others, in comparison, are basically written works by other authors that caught my attention and, if not a reproduction or link to those works, than at least this section will demonstrate a review of those works by me. What makes me a judge, I do not know. Now, most importantly, My Fiction is what this site was truly developed for. As I keep reiterating, I have a tendency to procrastinate on my writing projects. I hope, by making my projects public, I will be provided that external inducement to keep writing and finish my projects – sort of being shamed into being diligent. By posting my fictions, I hope one day I will realize my dreams of becoming a published (by an actual brick and mortar paying professional publishing house) romance novelist and have readers feel about my work the way I feel about works of Jane Austen, Jennifer Crusie, Julia Quinn, Sandra Brown, etc.

So readers, venture forth, if you dare, and discover the evolution of my becoming a professional fiction writer…

  1. #1 by Shah Shahid on March 8, 2012 - 1:51 pm

    I already feel accosted by this site. Which is usually a good thing. Depending on the medium and thorough-ness of the violation.

    I pledge this to be a platform where I shall challenge and ridicule, not only your content, but your conclusions as well. It’s what I do!

    I humbly request that you bring your content down to a pseudo-intellectual level, in order for my full and complete comprehension of aforementioned subject matter.

    Best of luck, and THUNDER CATS HO— oh, sorry. Wrong site.

    • #2 by lupa08 on March 8, 2012 - 11:52 pm

      Ha Ha! I’ll try to be less pedantic wherever my subjects may allow. You can expect the fictional works I’ll put up here to be fairly scrutable, although – again – maybe not to your favored genre. But at least you can trust me to provide you with lots of materials to “challenge and ridicule” since that is, apparently, what you claim to enjoy and do best. And I, hereby, solemnly pledge not to take any of what you say seriously (most of the time)…

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